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19 May 2022 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Appreciation Letter May 2022

Tina is a Civil Celebrant whom we provide a telephone answering service to. She was kind enough to send us a lovely letter of how pleased she is with our service!

I have been using this company for the last 8 years or so and my only regret is ‘Why didn’t I use them before?’ When my sister suggested using a ‘telephone answering service’ for my business, I was hesitant. I felt that I needed to offer a personal service to my customers and that I didn’t think they would necessarily appreciate speaking to a ‘stranger’ and not understanding the fragile position that they were in.

However, I was also frustrated by the amount of bookings that I was missing by not being available to answer my phone whilst I was in the Chapel. In my celebrant work, there is pressure to get a date booked for a funeral service, or wedding service, and if the funeral home arranging the service cannot get hold of you – and the family is waiting for a date confirmation – the next celebrant will be called. I decided to speak to Everything Answered.

This lovely team of ladies (and sometimes gents) took time in learning about my business and understanding who they would be talking to. I gave them access to my diary and they began taking bookings – and still continue to do so.

They have sensitivity, accuracy and understanding and considerable patience and skill. They have never let me down and all the feedback I receive from my clients and funeral people is positive. In fact, most think they are speaking to my assistant or secretary. I find it rather surprising to think that I have never met Everything Answered!

But they feel like close friends to me. I know I can reach out to them and they will just take over or help me in any situation. Nothing is ever too much trouble. They devised a system for me in case of any emergency which has worked well.

Having set up my second business, a campsite and accommodation, they also take calls for this business. Once again, they took the time to learn about my business and one example of this was when last year, one of my guests got lost. The telephone advisor quickly got onto Google, found a map, and directed them safely to my campsite. In fact, Everything Answered are better than PAs as they are always on hand to help!

I cannot understand any company or business in this day and age, where there is so much competition and expectation of a customer having their call immediately answered, who would not consider having their phone answered for them.

They have taken much anxiety and stress away from my life, and they are responsible for much of my increased business and income.

Keep up the good work team!

From Tina, Civil Celebrant

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