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18 March 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Do your documents need a facelift?

Documents? Mostly they aren’t sexy, and they’re certainly not exciting. But every business needs them.

And what do we mean by ‘documents’? Think terms and conditions. Letters of agreement. Manuals and handbooks. ‘Standard’ client communications – the stuff you send out all the time. Things which, perhaps, you almost take for granted. At least, until you need to revise them.

And when you do, how carefully do you look at them? And do you stop to think about what clients and potential clients will make of them?

Perhaps… you should?

It’s all about credibility

Think about it. For a client, that ‘terms and conditions’ document you’ve been sending out for years may be their first impression of your business. So what impact does it create? Is it easy to read? Is it well laid out? Has anyone checked the spelling and the grammar? And does it show your business at its best?

Sometimes it’s hard for you to make those judgments because you see documents like it all the time. So often, in fact, that you barely notice them anymore. And that’s how and where we can help.

Because we can be a fresh pair of eyes. We can take an existing document – and make it better. And we can help you make exactly the right impression, right from the start.

A meticulous make-over…

It may, on the face of it, be the world’s most boring document – but it’s coming from your business. It carries – or should carry – your branding. And the care you take over presenting it reflects, to a customer, the care you are likely to take when dealing with them.

First impressions matter. But so do second and third impressions. So – how could we help?

Let’s begin with the basics: spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Some people will say those things don’t really matter. Others will judge your business on them – and then look elsewhere if they don’t measure up. Because if there are mistakes, they will see it as a sign that you’re not careful about the details. That you don’t care.

Which is why we’ll correct misspellings. We’ll be punctilious about punctuation. We’ll tidy up your grammar. And, if it’s a formal document, we’ll help you to ensure that the language is formal, too.

…and a prime presentation

A business document isn’t just about the words – it’s also about the way those words are presented.

Is everything clear and readable? Is it well (and attractively) laid out? Does it conform to your branding? (We know designers who would have a duck fit if they saw some of the ways their work is misused!) And – most importantly – does it create the right impression of your business to a potential client?

It should. And it can.

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