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18 April 2023 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

How A Virtual Assistant Can Help You Plan A Business Event?

A virtual assistant is a multi-skilled, outsourced member of your team. One of those skills includes helping you plan a business event. Whether it’s a networking evening you’re running for local business owners, or a larger event with speakers and catering you’re managing, a virtual assistant will be able to help.

The list is really endless, but here are just 8 ways a virtual assistant would be able to help when you’re planning a business event.

Managing attendee lists

For larger events, you’ll likely want to use software specifically designed for attendee management, and it’ll be all hands on deck. For smaller events, you can probably manage with a spreadsheet. Whatever your event looks like, the logistics of managing who’s coming is a very important aspect that a virtual assistant will be able to keep on top of.

Customer service

Around events, it’s likely your enquiries will increase with questions about getting there, accessibility, dietary requirements, and so on. This is exactly the type of thing a virtual assistant will be able to assist with. A great virtual assistant will endeavour to equip themselves with all the information they need about the event, so they have it at hand when answering attendee enquiries.

Financial admin

Much of the time with business events, different types of attendees will have different ticket prices or discounts. For example, if you run a member organisation, your members or clients might get a discount. Then your event might be open to guest attendees who pay for a full-price ticket. Whatever your event structure might be, there will likely important financial admin.




Keep track of expenses

When running a business event, a lot of your costs will be qualifiable business expenses. A virtual assistant will be able to assist with ensuring all your invoices are in order so your bookkeeping is kept up to date throughout the whole process instead of being left as a large task at the end.


It’s good to have a multi-step review process to ensure your event materials don’t include any spelling mistakes and that everything is in order. Proofreading is often a big part of a virtual assistant’s role.

Sourcing vendors

Quote sourcing takes time. And when working to a budget you’ll want to find the best deals possible. A virtual assistant will have the time and capacity to gather and compare quotes that you and your other employees might not.

Applying for permits

Depending on where you are holding your event and if alcohol, certain types of vendors or stages are involved, you might find yourself filling out a lot of different applications and permits. Handing this type of work over to a virtual assistant is a way many business owners free up their time. It’s then a simple process for you to review this paperwork before it’s sent off.

Sending out thank you notes

It’s customary after business events to send out thank you notes through email or by post. This is a thoughtful gesture that sometimes gets overlooked purely because of time pressures and capacity. But hiring a virtual assistant might just help you be one of the stand-out businesses that manage to find time for this gesture! Plus you can use it as an opportunity to promote any future events.

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Tasks your virtual assistant can help you with

Removing things from your to-do-list means you’ll have more time in your day; more time to focus on growing your business! Here’s just a few of the tasks we can take off your hands to lighten your load:

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