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10 July 2019 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

How good is your customer experience?

The customer experience is what makes or breaks an e-commerce website – and that doesn’t just depend on the quality of your software. Because even with the very best software, things can go wrong…

I’m not sure what to do…?

Try as you might, some of your potential customers won’t be able to cope with the technology. They’re the ones who need to talk to a human being. They may want more information about your product or service. They may be chasing up an order they’ve already made. Or they may need a little help to place an order – in which case their feedback could help prevent similar issues in future.

Have you still got…?

Even if your site, like Amazon, can show the remaining stock level for each item, customers may worry that the information isn’t up to date. That you’ve run out, in fact. Which is why you need people who can check the actual stock level, process the customer’s order, and make sure they get exactly what they asked for.

Or get back to them if that’s not possible…

It isn’t what I ordered!

Mistakes happen – and when they do, customers would rather talk to a human being. If they don’t they will tend to vent their frustrations online, which is bad for business. Of course, you can minimise this kind of problem if your support team check that your fulfilment centre is picking and packing the right items in the first place – and sending them with the right courier…

I haven’t had it!

If, despite your best efforts, the customer’s order fails to arrive, they will almost certainly want to talk to a real person. (However good your website is…)

It’s broken!

If an order doesn’t arrive, that’s annoying. If it arrives, and it’s damaged, that’s even more annoying. It means, after all, that the customer has to return it, and then wait (again) for a replacement. A good support team can ensure that the annoyance doesn’t appear in block capitals on your social media feed – and that the customer is happy with the solution. Experience shows that dealing sensibly with a complaint can turn a disgruntled customer into an advocate.

When will I get the replacement?

Of course, that will only happen if (and when) the insurance claim and the redelivery are sorted. And again, that’s the job of a good support team.

All good reasons to use our team!

Our customer support specialists are ready and waiting to provide a human face (and voice) for your e-commerce business. They’ll also ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes. At every stage of the process from initial order to fulfilment. We’ll take the burden off your shoulders. Which will leave you free to concentrate on growing your business.

Secure in the knowledge that everything else is in safe, experienced hands.

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