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6 March 2023 | Reading Time: 3 minutes

Signs You Need A Virtual Assistant…

How do you know when it’s time to get a virtual assistant? The answer to this question depends. Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong time and each business is different. The time is when the outsourcing of a virtual assistant will enable you to focus on more important aspects of your business that you’re struggling to focus on right now.

This article lets you in to the top 8 signs for all business owners that show it’s time to outsource tasks to a virtual assistant.

You live in a constant state of burnout

You should rest before becoming burnt out, not after. Ultimately, running your business should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. If it currently feels like the opposite of that, it’s probably time to outsource to a virtual assistant.

Administrative tasks take up most of your time

As a business owner, your focus should be on either growing your business or ensuring it’s running as efficiently as possible. If your time is mostly consumed with doing day-to-day admin tasks, you likely need to outsource these to a virtual assistant so you can focus on the big picture stuff.

You’re turning down work because you don’t have the time

You don’t have a business without clients. If you have potential clients looking to work with you but you’re turning them away because you don’t have the time to take them on, you likely need to employ more staff or free up more of your own time.

You’re doing tasks you lack the skill set for

If you find yourself doing tasks e.g. payroll and customer service, but you feel out of your depth, you likely should outsource these to a virtual assistant. If you don’t feel confident in your business processes, your clients definitely won’t. And you’ll likely have a mental barrier when it comes to taking on new clients. Virtual assistants are trained in specific business requirements, so you will have the confidence in knowing that these tasks are handled by professionals.

You can’t afford a full-time employee

If you feel that you need a helping hand but can’t afford it or it doesn’t warrant taking on a full-time employee, a virtual assistant is an affordable solution. They only work the hours you need them and on the tasks you actually need help with.

You are struggling to get new clients

If you’re on the opposite end of the scale and are struggling to find new clients, consider how much time you actually devote to looking for them. Until you grow your business to a level where you are either well known in your area, or online for your skills, or start getting referrals through word of mouth, you need to go and find them. They’re not going to just come to you. If you currently don’t have the time to reach out to prospective clients, you have too much on your plate.

You have no personal time

As we mentioned earlier, running your business should be an enjoyable experience. If it currently isn’t, you have zero personal time, and you find yourself cancelling plans with friends and family, you likely need a virtual assistant. Absence makes the heart grow fonder as they say. And time away from your business will make you more excited to come back to it and work on it.

You spend all your time on administrative tasks

These are the most important tasks to ensure your business is running smoothly but they are the worst use of your time as the business owner. If admin tasks are taking up the majority of your time, it could definitely be better spent doing other things. It’s time to outsource this to a virtual assistant.

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Tasks your virtual assistant can help you with

Removing things from your to-do-list means you’ll have more time in your day; more time to focus on growing your business! Here’s just a few of the tasks we can take off your hands to lighten your load:

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