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11 January 2023 | Reading Time: 2 minutes

Top 5 Tasks To Delegate To A Virtual Assistant

“Master your strengths. Outsource your weaknesses.” – Ryan Kahn

We think this quote is very relevant here! Ultimately, you can do anything you put your mind to, but you can’t do everything your business will need as it grows. That’s why more and more businesses are choosing to outsource to virtual assistants.

Here are five examples of tasks that businesses outsource to us.

1. Virtual receptionist

A virtual receptionist is an outsourced assistant who takes care of your incoming calls, emails and enquiries. This is a unique and new approach to ensuring the day-to-day running of your business is running as efficiently as possible.

Here are some examples of what a virtual receptionist does:

  • Answering incoming calls and emails
  • Taking orders, bookings and enquiries
  • Source and order services and supplies
  • Diary management

And much more! Find out more about virtual receptionists

2. Customer service support

Customer service is a skill that needs to be mastered. We’ve seen some businesses boom simply through mastering excellent customer service, despite their products and services not being much different from that of their competitors.

A customer service virtual assistant can help with managing live chats, responding to email enquiries in a timely manner, responding to enquiries sent to your social media DMs and by controlling the overall quality and consistency of the customer service your business gives out.

Find out more about our customer service support


3. Recruitment of new staff

If you need to take on more staff, the recruitment process can be rather daunting. Not only this, but it’s important to make sure your business is complying with the necessary legal parameters during the recruitment process. A simple example – knowing what questions you’re allowed and not allowed to ask a prospective employee during the interview process.

Companies now have the option of outsourcing their recruitment needs to virtual assistants, on a long-term, one-off or ad hoc basis.

Find out more about our recruitment services

4. Bookkeeping and payroll

If you’re a small business and your bookkeeping doesn’t warrant taking on a full-time employee, many businesses are now choosing to outsource to a virtual assistant.

The useful thing about this is that our bookkeeping virtual assistant specialises in their field of work. For businesses that don’t have the time or resources to train someone, a virtual assistant is a cost-effective and useful solution.

Find out more about our bookkeeping and payroll services

5. Human resources

Similarly to managing a recruitment process, ensuring you are correctly adhering to your human resource obligations as a business can be tricky. Many businesses are now choosing to outsource to a virtual assistant who offers these types of services.

Your human resource department is the backbone of your company. Here are some of the reasons businesses choose to outsource their human resource needs:

  • They want straightforward, no-jargon human resource assistance
  • They want practical advice they can trust and use
  • They want cost-effective services for their business

Find out more about our HR services

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Tasks your virtual assistant can help you with

Removing things from your to-do-list means you’ll have more time in your day; more time to focus on growing your business! Here’s just a few of the tasks we can take off your hands to lighten your load:

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