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25 February 2022 | Reading Time: 4 minutes

26 things a virtual assistant can do for you

A Virtual Assistant can do so much more than answer the phone for you. In the office, we’ve gathered an A-Z list of tasks that a Virtual Assistant can do (although there are many more things than this!)

  1. Arrange a meeting

    Chances are, you’ve been part of a ping-pong email exchange that seems to take up more time than it should, just to get a meeting in the diary with several people. With access to your calendar, we can make arrangements on your behalf.

  2. Book a taxi

    Taxis, trains, flights… We’ve got this! We can even sort out a gondola if you happen to be visiting Venice.

  3. Check your emails

    We can prioritise urgent vs non-urgent, and clear out the spam. Plus while you’re on holiday, we can be on answer to respond to emails meaning you don’t have to keep checking your phone.

  4. Deliver your packages

    This means arranging for packages to be delivered from you. This also applies to e-commerce businesses – saving you lots of trips to the post office!

  5. Engage with your e-commerce customers

    Successful e-commerce businesses depend on creating the best customer experience. This entails prompt dealings with sales enquiries and with orders that are in progress. Your Virtual Assistant can handle all of that, so you can continue growing the business.

  6. Find you a cleaner

    Book you a hairdresser. Sort out a masseur. It’s not just business-related things we can help you with. We will also assist you with tasks in your personal life, if required.

  7. Get your itinerary sorted

    Are you organising a trip? It can be a timely job. A Virtual Assistant can book everything required, research the location you’re going to (transport, amenities, etc.) and are on call to solve any problems you may encounter along the way.

  8. Help with hotel arrangements

    Let us find you the best, most convenient, and most reasonably-priced place to stay.

  9. Insurance

    Just booked a holiday? Is your car insurance up for renewal? We can find you the best options.

  10. Jolly along that awkward client

    You know the one who keeps calling – because they don’t have much better to do? Let your friendly, personable Virtual Assistant handle it…

  11. Know your software

    With so many software tools and applications currently available, it can be hard to work out which ones are best for your business. Your Virtual Assistant is very familiar with how to use most of them, so we are happy to advise on which are most suitable for you.

  12. Locate key services

    We have an extensive network of business owners. So if you’re looking for an expert to help with any particular aspect of your business, then please ask us.

  13. Manage your diary

    How many times a day do you check your diary to see when you can squeeze in a meeting or call, book an appointment or work on a project? Your Virtual Assistant will make sure you have all the time you need, when you need it.

  14. Nobble the time-wasters

    By time-wasters, we mean the people who interrupt your day to sell you something you don’t need. But they won’t get past us – one of the many tasks we can help with that will improve your time management.

  15. Organise your contacts

    Whether you’ve got five different contact lists, or just one rather disorganised one, your Virtual Assistant can categorise and filter your lists.

  16. Pet therapy

    Yes, we can even provide services that support your pets. Looking for accommodation for your pet while you take a trip? Or need to organise check-ups? Your Virtual Assistant can do the donkey-work (excuse the bad pun!)

  17. Query your bills

    If someone has sent you a bill you need to check up on, your Virtual Assistant can do this for you.

  18. Rearrange your schedule

    Dealing with the unexpected is a complete time-waster, especially if your entire diary needs to be reconfigured. So let us organise this for you.

  19. Sort out your accounts

    Yes, our Virtual Assistants also provide a bookkeeping service. Payments, invoices, bank reconciliation – the list goes on.

  20. Threaten your bad debtors

    It’s always easier to get someone else to do this to prevent awkwardness. Don’t worry, we will start with a gentle nudge.

  21. Untangle your systems

    Businesses sometimes grow faster than the systems we use to run them. Your Virtual Assistant can untangle your processes to ensure your operation is always running smoothly.

  22. Virtually represent your business

    You’ll have likely seen chatbots on websites (particularly ecommerce), so you’ll realise that someone has to be there to respond to the enquiries. We can be that someone.

  23. Win over a hesitant buyer

    Once we understand the features and benefits of your products and/or services, we can do much more than just answer the phone to callers. We’ll help them to decide whether or not it’s right for them.

  24. X-cellent customer service

    So you can focus on other aspects of your business, let us professionally handle the customer care. The call backs, returns, queries and complaints – you can have confidence that this part of your business is in excellent hands.

  25. Virtual valet

    Does your car or suit need cleaning? No problem, we’ll arrange it!

  26. Zzzzz… That’s enough!

    You might often feel sleepy, being a busy business owner. We can even arrange an alarm call.

As you can see, there are a huge amount of tasks that a Virtual Assistant can help with and take off your hands, freeing you up to focus on the more important aspects of running your business. And it doesn’t even stop there. Get in touch with us at Everything Answered UK for a free consultation and discover how our virtual resource services can lighten your load and help increase productivity.

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Tasks your virtual assistant can help you with

Removing things from your to-do-list means you’ll have more time in your day; more time to focus on growing your business! Here’s just a few of the tasks we can take off your hands to lighten your load:

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